Automagic Control of everything from documents to drones

Voice Control


Records grocery lists, virtual "POST-IT" notes, dictate documents, connects with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant apps.



BlockLock encrypted documents outside of parameters set. No possibility of hacking, High Security



No Transaction fees,  Cryptocurrency cold wallet, market data analytics, point of sale capabilities



Internet of Things

Controls indoor/outdoor camera, smoke detector fire alarm, door lock, temperature humidity sensor, garage opener. Works with Phillips light bulb and Yale locks. Bluetooth connect ability 




Blockchain - Cyber Security - IoT


Heuresy has brought together best of breed in cybersecurity, blockchain, and IoT.  Integration has begun to solve the two main problems with the blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Problems  Problem 1:  Cryptocurrency is not secure – it relies on third party backend servers and hackable wallets – with no recourse whatsoever.  Problem 2:  Growing cryptocurrencies are impacting ability of governments to manage money supply and enforce financial transaction controls.  



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Hardware Security


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Keith Benson – Chief Executive Officer

Keith Benson is an electronics and communications systems architect, inventor, and entrepreneur. Expatriate Australian living in United States, Mr. Benson has over twenty-five years’ experience as founder and CEO in multiple start-ups. Mr. Benson has raised more than $20 Million for his companies, with a total of over $100 Million invested in licensed technologies he has conceived and patented. Mr. Benson has extensive experience in the conception, introduction, and deployment of disruptive technologies in electronic finance, mobile communications, and digital security applications. An expert in intellectual property development and protection, Mr. Benson is the lead named inventor on multiple granted patents, including virtual SIM technology for independent mobile applications now ubiquitous in smart phones. Mr. Benson conceived and developed Navy Cash, the first large scale smart card payment system created for the U.S. Government. The system was built from scratch under Mr. Benson’s oversight and operational within 13 months. It is currently deployed throughout the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Partner Companies

Heuresy LLC is proud to announce that we have been named as the sole USA distributor for Xped Limited products

Xped an IoT company that has developed revolutionary and patent protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical capability, to connect, monitor and control devices and appliances found in our everyday environment. It’s as simple as two people shaking hands. By enabling the Internet of Things, Xped’s patented Auto Discovery Remote Control “ADRC” platform will bring benefit to Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Providers and Consumers.


Heuresy LLC is proud to announce that we have partnered with Proxidyne

Proxidyne helps businesses and institutions harness sensors and IoT technology to achieve their goals for increasing customer service and sales with automated alerts and communications.


Heuresy LLC is proud to announce that we have partnered with BiObex

BiObex a Veteran Owned company that develops patented and IP protected authentication software and hardware for security solutions designed to offer unprecedented protection. This is accomplished with their patented Safe “Safe Authentication Front End” Technology and corresponding Key with two factor (2FA) authentication for today’s increased threat environment.

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